Longview Lights offer complete LED lights for monuments and structures. We’ve helped East Texas municipalities, historical societies, and city agencies develop unique ways to highlight some of their most important landmarks, and our structural lighting crews offer this service throughout the nation.

We’re able to provide high-voltage, energy-efficient lighting systems that will get people to notice your town’s building, monument, or statue, and our crews are ready to work with city councils, historical agencies, and other entities to provide beautiful, unique structural lighting solutions you’ll love.

If you’re thinking about a creative way to light a building, bridge, or other significant sites in your town, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. We’ll send someone out to the site to begin the process of designing your system.

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Bridge Lighting

Jefferson Trestle

Just outside of Jefferson, TX, is a “Howe Truss” trestle bridge that was built in 1897. The city decided to commemorate the bridge and Jefferson by installing beautiful LED structural lights on the bridge. These lights are fully customizable, and the city of Jefferson has programmed a nightly light show on the bridge starting at dusk every day.



Uplighting on Structures

Kilgore Oil Derrick

Almost every elementary school student in East Texas at some point visits the Kilgore Oil Museum. The oil & gas industry is an integral part of our history, so we were excited to help the city of Kilgore devise a genuinely unique way of highlighting this oil derrick at night.



Lindale water tower

Lindale is the hometown of renowned country singer Miranda Lambert. In the middle of Downtown Lindale sits their water tower. With the programmable lights we installed you can see their water tower miles away.

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Colorful Water tower lights

Linden Water Tower

The City of Linden has fewer than 2000 people in it, but it’s one of those beautiful small towns where everyone really does know your name. In the middle of town is a historic water tower they wanted to beautify, and we obliged with fully programmable, colored LED lights that highlight their tower at night.

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Longview Lights Workmanship Guarantee

The crews at Longview lights work very hard to ensure the quality of any monument lighting we install, no matter the size of the project. We offer both satisfaction and workmanship guarantees on all of our structural lighting projects. Your satisfaction is important to us, and it remains important to us even after we’ve finished the job.

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Longview Lights

We Bring Your Vision To Life

Longview Lights works closely with cities, agencies, and private businesses to help bring the vision for their structural lighting to life. At each stage of the development process, we work closely with stakeholders to ensure that the final product is perfect, and it all begins with an initial consultation.

Longview Lights

Initial Consultation

After you contact us, we’ll send one of our lighting designers to your site to inspect the building or monument, the space, and ask you about your goals for the project.

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Design Process

After our consultation, we’ll begin designing your monument lighting according to your specifications and needs.

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Once we’ve finalized the design, we create a rendering for you and other stakeholders to demonstrate the design to help you decide.

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Final Installation

After you’ve signed off the design, our crews will begin installing your monument’s lighting, ensuring that the final product is absolutely perfect.

If you’re looking for a striking lighting solution for your town’s monument, a historical building, or anything else, contact the professional monument lighting designers at Longview Lights to schedule a consultation.

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