Christmas Light Services In Jacksonville

  • Custom Christmas Display

    After contacting us, we’ll send one of our lighting designers to your home to inspect your property. We’ll talk with you about your Christmas light vision, and then they’ll work to design a totally custom lighting scheme for your home.

  • Installation & Take Down

    When you’re ready to get festive, just contact us to schedule a time for our crews to install your custom Christmas lights. We’ll schedule a time to be out there to install them. Contact us in October or November to get an early installation discount.

  • Responsive Repair Crews

    The holidays can feel like a long time, especially if you’re getting up on the roof every weekend to fix string lights or replace bulbs. Let Longview Lights handle that this year. We offer responsive repair crews totally free of charge. If something goes wrong with our lights, we’ll fix it.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We actually string your lights ourselves. This means that we can guarantee the craftsmanship that goes into them. We offer a lifetime warranty on all lights we make and install on your home. If something goes wrong, we’ll always replace them--no questions asked.

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All The Festivity. None Of The Hassle.

Nothing rings in the holiday season like a house decked in festive strings of Christmas lights. Christmas lights can be fun, elegant, festive, and everything in between. They’re something everyone loves driving around to look at during the holidays. They’re part of the enchanting magic of Christmas time in Texas.

Less enchanting is actually putting those lights on the house. Putting them up, maintaining them throughout the season, and then pulling them down afterward--and let’s be honest, not everyone does--can take a lot of effort and time away from family.

This holiday season, let Longview Lights help. We’re a Christmas light hanging service in Jacksonville, and we'll design, install, and take down your Christmas lights. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to get started.

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How It Works

We’ve tried to make the process of installing Christmas lights on your house as simple as possible. Contact us to schedule a consultation, and we can take care of everything after that, allowing you to spend more time with family this holiday season.

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After contacting us, we’ll send a designer to see your home and get to know what lighting scheme you want.

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We’ll design a scheme you’ll love and then build the string lights to match your home perfectly.

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When you're ready, our crews will visit your home to install your Christmas lights.

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In January, our crews will take down your lights. If you want to conserve space, we can also store them for you.

Simplify this holiday season. Contact Longview Lights, the #1 Christmas light installation company in Jacksonville. We’ll design a lighting scheme you love, tailor it to your home, and then take care of it throughout the holidays. It can’t get simpler than that.

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Outdoor Lighting Services In Jacksonville

While we’re known as a Christmas decorating company, we also offer a variety of other outdoor lighting services throughout East Texas. Whether you’re looking to design an inviting outdoor space or increase the visibility of pathways around your home, we’re a full-service outdoor lighting company and can help.

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Landscape Lighting In Jacksonville

A well-designed landscape lighting scheme can increase the security of your home while creating an inviting space that accents the features of your home and the land around it. Longview Lights can design and install a totally custom low-voltage landscape lighting scheme according to your vision.

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Structural Lighting In Jacksonville

We’ve developed unique lighting solutions for cities, historical societies, and municipal agencies that accent their historical sites. We offer fully programmable monument lighting systems that save on energy expenses while providing a beautiful focal point for your community.

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Event Lighting In Jacksonville

If you’re hosting a large event, Longview Lights can provide you with custom event lighting that will take your event to the next level. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate party, or charitable event, we can design, install, and take down a lighting system you and your guests will love.

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Our Goal Is Your Satisfaction

We’re known throughout East Texas for our custom holiday light designs. Our customers recognize us for our commitment to their satisfaction. Simply put, we don’t rest until you’re thrilled with your lighting, be it for the holidays or a permanent installation.

If you’re looking for holiday or outdoor lighting, contact us today.

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