Christmas Light Services In Carthage, TX  

  • Custom Holiday Lights

    After you contact us, we’ll send a lighting designer to your home to take some measurements and talk to you about your vision for your Christmas lights. After that, we’ll not only create a custom design, we’ll also build the light strands exactly how you want them.

  • Installation & Tear Down

    The best part of letting us install your custom Christmas lights is that you don’t have to do anything. Simply schedule a time for us to install them, and our crews will also be by in January to take them down. We also offer storage if you’re trying to save space in the attic.

  • Free Repairs

    The holiday season can be long, and even more so if you have to get on the roof to replace bulbs or tack down a string of lights that came loose. If we install your lights, you won’t have to. Our responsive maintenance crews will take care of everything over the holidays.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We build your custom lights ourselves, so we can ensure that they’re made from high-quality LED lights and wiring. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on any lights we build. If something goes wrong with them, we’ll replace them--guaranteed.

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All The Festivity. None Of The Hassle.

Everyone has memories of loading up into the car and heading out to look at Christmas lights around town. It has become an essential part of the holiday experience, and that happened because festive holiday lights are beautiful and utterly enchanting.

Putting those lights up every December is a little less enchanting. Taking them down after the holidays--sometimes as late as July, if we’re being honest with ourselves--is somehow even less so.

Longview Lights can help. We’re a Christmas light hanging service in Carthage, TX that also does custom lighting design for your home. If you want to spend more time with family and less time on the roof, contact us today.

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How It Works

We’ve made installing Christmas lights on your house as easy as possible. Contact Longview Lights to schedule a consultation or an installation appointment, and we will take care of literally everything else the whole holiday season.

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We’ll send a designer to consult with you about your vision for this holiday season.

Longview Lights


Our designer will design the perfect setup for your vision. We’ll also build your string lights.

Longview Lights


Our crews will make sure your Christmas light installation goes smoothly and that you’re totally satisfied.

Longview Lights

Tear Down

In January, we’ll send a crew to take down your lights. We also offer storage until next year.

Our customers have made us the #1 Christmas light installation company in Carthage. They love our quality lights, convenient service, and our dedication to total customer satisfaction. If you want to spend more time with family and less time installing lights, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Outdoor Lighting Services In Carthage, TX

We’re known throughout North Texas as a Christmas decorating company, but we also offer full-service outdoor lighting design and installation. If you’re looking to upgrade your landscape or need safer walkways, Longview Lights can install a system you’ll love.

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Landscape Lighting In Carthage, TX

Landscape lighting is a home improvement a lot of families overlook. Well-done, low-voltage landscape lighting systems can increase your home’s safety and curb appeal all at once, and Longview Lights has helped dozens of families design beautiful, striking outdoor spaces.

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Structural Lighting In carthage, Tx

Longview Lights has helped cities, historical societies, and municipal agencies develop striking landscape and monument lighting systems throughout Texas. These systems are long-lasting LED lights that are fully programmable, allowing you to customize the look of your landmarks on the fly.

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Event Lighting In Carthage, Tx

Longview Lights offers lighting for large events throughout the area. Whether you’re hosting a corporate party or a charitable event, we will help design, install, and break down a beautiful lighting system your guests won’t soon forget.

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Our #1 Goal Is Customer Satisfaction

We’re known throughout North Texas as an excellent outdoor lighting company, but our customers come back to us time and again because they appreciate our dedication to their satisfaction. Simply put, we do not stop working until you are totally happy with your light system.

If you’re looking for an outdoor lighting scheme or holiday lights, contact us today and schedule a free consultation.

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